Karhu FI


To honour our brand’s Finnish roots and history in Helsinki, we felt that we could give more to the community. In other words; We want to give back to the city that raised the brand.

Karhu FI


To tackle this, we have started the “Karhu Reuse Program”, where we encourage our customers to bring any slightly used or unwanted sneakers to our concept store in Lasipalatsi, Helsinki. The donations will be collected and delivered to the Vva Ry foundation. Vva Ry stands for “Vailla vakinaista asuntoa ry”, which translates to “No Fixed Abode” and is a foundation that aims to reduce homelessness and improve the services for homeless people.


“Support from other companies for our organisation is important,” said Vva Ry’s Vlada Petrovskaja. “Collaboration is first and foremost an indication that society is concerned about vulnerable people and want to help those with fewer resources than themselves. Donations guarantee that we’ll be able to secure and help people to meet their basic needs. Karhu’s help in collecting and donating footwear is significant for the people who walk long distances.”

In support of the program, Karhu will donate footwear samples and unworn or slightly used returns to the initiative. To kick-off the program, Karhu will contribute 40 pairs of shoes and we will continue to donate shoes on a regular base as long as the program runs.

For more info on the project, please visit https://vvary.fi, or you can visit the Karhu Concept Store in Helsinki and speak to our staff.


Karhu Team